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    6 recommended products to kill lice

    Update: In addition to making the structure of the article more clear so that it is easier to read, we have also added three new products to be as effective as possible in the fight against lice.

    They are very irritating and normally prey on the most defenseless. The lice (or ‘pipis’) are one of the biggest concerns for parents and ending them becomes a family priority.

    Although they are small the irritations they produce are great. There are even businesses and companies specifically dedicated to exterminating them for the peace of mind of the parents.

    Because lice and nits They can only live attached to the scalp, the most normal thing is that they go from small to small, from head to head. It is very frequent that they stick in nurseries, schools, etc.

    In this sense, it is possible that this season, with the quarantines and social distancing that we have maintained, its contagion has been less.

    However, do not let your guard down because lice (and their young, the nits) they love heat and humidity. Therefore, summer is a favorable time for its proliferation.

    Bearing this in mind, these are some of the most recommended products for its eradication:

    Neositrin Spray Gel

    Neositrin Spray Gel
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    It is the best-selling product in hair and scalp care, with more than 1,200 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

    This treatment in spray format You can quickly and effectively remove lice and nits in one application. The company ensures that when performing a single application uniform over the affected area, these small enemies are neutralized instantly.

    The product contains dimethicone + penetrol, the latter accelerating the expansion of the former and helping to kill not only the louse, but also their young.

    Neositrin is recommended for use in adults and children over 12 months of age. Does not contain insecticides.

    Neositrin Spray Gel

    ISDIN pediculicidal gel

    ISDIN pediculicidal gelISDIN pediculicidal gel

    This natural pediculicidal gel covers, immobilizes and suffocates lice, causing his death from dehydration in just one application. It is a classic product against these little suckers.

    It can be used as a kind of shampoo or gel, applied to dry hair and massaging the scalp for about 10 minutes. After this interval, it is advisable to rinse with water.

    It is a treatment formulated with neemtechthe seed extract of the Neem tree.

    It does not contain insecticides, silicone or permethrin and can be used perfectly for children.

    ISDIN pediculicidal gel

    Zz Anti-Lice Lotion And Shampoo

    This is the perfect kit to get rid of lice, since it has lotion, shampoo, comb and two hats.

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    The lotion is 100mlwhile the shampoo has 125ml. Eliminates lice and eggs that are deposited on the scalp.

    The good thing about this kit is that, in addition to the treatments, they also come directly with a lice to help more effectively to kill all these parasites.

    Zz Anti-Lice Lotion And Shampoo

    Clearly LICE

    This is a treatment natural oils that causes the disappearance and total elimination of lice.

    does not carry no kind of chemicalnor lotion that can be strong, nor toxins.

    It is effective for the whole family and gentle on the scalp, plus it smells goodwhich is an advantage.

    It can be used to keep lice away by applying a few drops to the scalp after treatment to help prevent another outbreak.

    Clearly LICE

    Vidaprime Electric Comb

    Vidaprime Electric CombVidaprime Electric Comb

    This electric comb can be used as a complement or added to any treatment. It allows to eliminate lice and nits with a single brushing.

    In addition, it has no side effects, since it does not use chemicals of any kind. It works by producing a tension between its spikes that upon contact strikes down both the lice and their eggs. These Electric impulses they are hardly perceived by the person on whom it is applied.

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    The device works with conventional AA batteries and has a vibrating sound that marks its activity. This gadget can be used by both adults and children (over 3 years old). It can even be used for pets, such as dogs or cats.

    Vidaprime ELECTRIC COMB

    MOACC magnifying loupes

    MOACC magnifying loupesMOACC magnifying loupes

    To hunt down the annoying invaders, you need to have a good feel and good eyesight. This curious gadget helps with the latter.

    They are magnifying glasses with a futuristic frame that also come with 2 super bright energy efficient LED lights with adjustable angle, to have greater visibility when detecting lice and nits.

    With this artificial lighting you can do a ‘search and capture’ even at night or indoors with poor light conditions.

    It has 5 interchangeable lenses: 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X and 3.5X. Also, the distance between the eyes and the lens can be adjusted.

    MOACC magnifying loupes

    Remember that if you have an Amazon Prime account, the shipping costs on these products that you have just seen will be free.

    In a few days you will already have at home any treatment for lice that you have just read about.


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