Technology 55% of Spanish SMEs see sustainability as a key element in their...

55% of Spanish SMEs see sustainability as a key element in their strategy, according to Sage

SME digitization resource – SAGE

55 percent of the Spanish SMEs considers that sustainability has become an essential element when developing their strategiesaccording to the international report ‘Small business, great opportunities’ carried out by Sage, a manufacturer of business management and accounting software solutions in the cloud.

Specifically, 88 percent of Spanish SMEs plan to carry out specific actions, such as waste reduction or material recycling, to be more sustainable. In addition, about 81 percent feel the pressure of reduce its environmental impact, something they blame on their own customers (25%), the government (24%), their employees (20%) and the supply chain (16%).

Regarding the greatest challenges faced by SMEs to be more sustainable from an environmental point of view, those surveyed highlighted in the first place that it is about policies too costly to implement (31%) and that no immediate return on investment (29%). Third, they highlight lack of skills and knowledge by the workforce when applying these policies (26%).

“Sustainability is an aspect that is here to stay in all areas, but especially among SMEs, which must include it as one of the main axes of their strategies. In this context, technology companies such as Sage are supporting and helping SMEs through the integration of sustainability in our services”, José Luis Martín Zabala, general director of Sage in Iberia, has pointed out.

The study also shows that the pandemic has shown the need to carry out a digital adoption in all areas of society and also in business. Specifically, 59 percent of Spanish small and medium-sized companies are better prepared to manage the adoption of new technologies than before the pandemic, and 56 percent will increase their investment in technology compared to last year.

Technology has been one of the great allies of SMEs when facing the pandemic, according to this report, which gathers the opinion of more than 13,000 managers of small and medium-sized companies around the world. In fact, some Spanish respondents (12%) acknowledge that the lack of digital skills within the business compromised the results of your company last year.

At the same time, many say that the adoption of new technologies is helping SMEs to break down barriers to operate better (25%) and sell moreor for stay connected with your customers (22%), while 35 percent see digital adoption as a reason to be more confident in the future success of their business.

Overall, the majority of managers (64%) say that their companies’ trust in technology has increased permanently after the pandemic. A confidence that will translate into increased investment, especially in marketing and advertising (30%), electronic commerce (24%), websites (23%) or IT hardware (23%).

“At Sage we have always encouraged Spanish SMEs to accelerate their digital transformation. We firmly believe that new technologies are the pillar of its recovery, the key that will allow companies to boost their efficiency, profitability and competitiveness,” concludes Martín Zabala.

Source: Europa Press



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