Lifestyle51 original congratulations to send by WhatsApp on Father's Day 2023

51 original congratulations to send by WhatsApp on Father’s Day 2023

51 original congratulations to send by WhatsApp on Father’s Day 2023

He Father’s day It is a very important date in which all those special men who have taken care of their children throughout their lives are honored. In Spain is celebrated on March 19unlike many other countries, where this day is celebrated in June.

Yes, it is common that it is the perfect opportunity to show parents how much they are appreciated. Although you can not only do it on this specific date, but any day of the year is good to remind them of your love.

This year, you may not be able to spend this day with your dad in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make him feel special. One way to get your wishes across is sending him a congratulations that let him know how important he is for you.

To help you in this task, in this compilation article of congratulations for Father’s Dayyou will find a selection of messages you can send to your fatherwhether through a text message, a phone call or a card.

Don’t miss the opportunity to show your dad how much you love him this Father’s Day. Explore our greetings and find the one that best suits your style and the relationship you have with him!

Short phrases to send by WhatsApp on Father’s Day

father and son chatting
  1. “Because there is no better day than this to remind you of everything I love you”.
  2. “Thank you for teaching me to walk through life by your hand.”
  3. “I have a hero who can do everything. His name is dad.”
  4. “I give you the best I have to give you… My heart”.
  5. “Dear dad, thank you for teaching me more than Google.”
  6. “Thank you, Dad, for giving me your best smile every morning. Happy day, Dad! I love you.”
  7. “Here’s a super chug for the coolest dad.”
  8. “Dad, you deserve a monument for being there at all times. Happy day!”
  9. “Today, the king of the house is you. Happy Father’s Day!”
  10. “Dad, I respect you, I love you very much, and I never forget you. Happy Father’s Day!”
  11. “You are lucky to be my father because no one loves you like I do.”
  12. “Thank you for showing me that love is the key to everything.”
  13. “Dads there are lots but you are worth millions”.
  14. “Thank you dad, only you give me everything without asking for anything in return. Happy Father’s Day!”
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Emotional phrases to congratulate your father

Girl climbing on her father's backGirl climbing on her father's back
  1. “Thanks to you I have managed to be who I am. For giving me everything I have and for always being my example to follow, I love you, dad!”
  2. “Having you as a father is the best gift in the world. The gift on Father’s Day is truly you give it to me.”
  3. “I can’t imagine a life without you. Thank you for your dedication, your support and infinite love, dad.”
  4. “You are an example to follow, I am proud to be able to say that I look like you even a little.”
  5. “I know that being a father is not always easy, I have given you a lot of work, but in all my falls I have found your hands to lift me up. Thank you!”
  6. “Thank you for setting an example for me by being a person of heart, kindness and free spirit. I love you, dad!”
  7. “For my most loyal, sincere and selfless friend. The best of all. My Dad.”
  8. “Happiness is not given by money nor by material things, happiness is given by a father like you, that is something that is priceless”.
  9. “Father, the more I think about it, the more I want to thank you for everything you did for me. Thank you! Happy Father’s Day!”
  10. “It is not difficult to be a good father, but there is nothing more complicated than being a good father and you are it.”
  11. “The smile of a father who is proud of his son is one of the most amazing things in the world.”
  12. “The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations that he sets not only for himself, but for his family.”
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Original phrases to congratulate your father on WhatsApp

A father with his son showing him a bookA father with his son showing him a book
  1. “When I grow up I want to be like you: a superhero. I love you, dad!”
  2. “I have memories as a child in which I saw you as a giant, today that I am an adult… I see you even bigger.”
  3. “Father, père, Vater, isä, stop, faoir… It doesn’t matter how many languages ​​I choose to tell you who is one of the most important people in my life. Thank you for everything, therefore, forever.”
  4. “The best legacy from a father to his children is a little of his time each day. Thank you, dad.”
  5. “Being a father is: laughing, crying, suffering, waiting… thank you for the opportunity to have a father like you every day. Happy Father’s Day!”
  6. “You are a superhero without a cape and a king without a crown, but it doesn’t matter: to me you are that and much more, dad.”
  7. “Dad, although thousands of kilometers separate us, I always have you by my side and I carry you with me in my thoughts.”
  8. “A father is a man who expects his children to be as good as he would have wanted to be.”
  9. “Happy Father’s Day to the coolest of all, after Darth Vader of course.”
  10. “No matter how many different discussions and opinions we have, we will always be united.”
  11. “Rousseau said that a good father is worth a hundred teachers. How right he was. Thank you for being my reference and my best teacher in life. I love you!”

Funny phrases to send on Father’s Day

A woman caring for her elderly fatherA woman caring for her elderly father

“There is no empire or galaxy with a father like you. Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. “You are a king without a crown, a superhero without a cape, but it doesn’t matter, for me you are all that and much more.”
  2. “You taught me to ride a bike, you helped me with my homework, you healed my wounds… You don’t want to pay me the bills on the car, too, right? Well, for now I’ll settle for you continuing to give me your unconditional love.”
  3. “Congratulations, dad. Not everyone can boast of having a son like me.”
  4. “!ápap, erdaP led aíD zileF¡ If you want to decipher the message, you will have to put your neurons to the test. And don’t complain, it’s very easy… !oreiuq eT¡”.
  5. “It’s a good thing there’s only one Father’s Day in the 365 days of the year. I don’t think he would be able to be so cloying for more than 24 hours straight… I love you, dad!”
  6. “To the cool, grumpy, pot-bellied, protective, and worst of all Facebook-dads: Happy Day!”
  7. “On this day I wanted to ask you for something very special. No, it’s not money… Well, yes, give me 20 euros and I’ll buy you lunch.”
  8. “Today is Father’s Day and I almost forgot the most important congratulations. Can someone give me the butanero’s phone number to tell him how much I love him? Just kidding… Thanks for putting up with my nonsense for so long, dad. Congratulations!”
  9. “You taught me to laugh when I was growing up…and now you’re the one with no teeth.”
  10. “A father like you can’t find it even Google! Happy Father’s Day.”
  11. “Charles Wadsworth said that when a man realizes that perhaps his father was right, he already has a son of his own who thinks that his father is wrong. Congratulations!”
  12. “Dear dad: thank you for not giving me up for adoption, for not kicking me out of the house as a teenager, for being so patient and for giving me such good advice (which I don’t even remember now).”
  13. “To the most important man in my life because without you, nothing would have happened. Thank you, dad!”
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