Health50 years promoting social change

50 years promoting social change

The Seville Psychopediatrics Foundation began its activity in 1973, constituted by a group of families with children with intellectual disabilities to meet their needs at school age. In 1975, its legal form became that of a parents’ association, called the Association of the Institute of Pediatric Psychology. In 2008, the Fundación Psicopediatría de Sevilla was created as a non-profit entity, declared of public utility, which in 2009 subrogated the existing agreements with the Ministry of Equality and Social Policies and the Ministry of Education that with the Junta de Andalucía had in force. the Asociation. Its activity today includes a Special Education College, a Day Center with Occupational Therapy, a Day Center for people with intellectual disabilities and highly dependent people and the La Motilla Residence for the Seriously Affected.

As he explains, Elena Blasco, manager of the Fundación Psicopediatría de Sevilla, among his values ​​stands out experience, innovation and quality in a constant commitment to continuous improvement. “We were born in 1973 and we have a long history and a competent and professional multidisciplinary team which requires constant training and knowledge”. In addition, he underlines his commitment to equity, where “each person is unique and we provide them with a personalized and comprehensive care”, and for inclusion, “promoting the removal of social barriers, work, family and educational. All this philosophy is reflected in an activity that demonstrates his defense of the dignity and rights of people with intellectual disabilities, support for families to improve their living conditions and the promotion of ischool, work and social integration of these people.

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On the other hand, they actively work so that Sevillian society knows the world of disability and, for this reason, “we have created the program ‘Showing Diversity‘, which favors the vision towards the outside; we show the capacities to strengthen socialization with visits to schools, where the students of the Foundation explain their day to day and we also receive visits to our center promoting coexistence”, explains Blasco, who is also president of the Provincial Association of Seville to in favor of People with Intellectual Disabilities (Aprose).

With this type of visits to other centers they have been pioneers in their field; As in other initiatives, such as the project developed with the Health Observatory of the Seville City Council in relation to the affective-sexual. “A subject that has been denied or silenced until now; Emotional and sexual education is a right of all people, whether or not they have a disability, ”she underlines. The project has the participation of a specialized sexologist. From there arose a study of quality of life and sexuality with the Seville consistory. This study was published and that led to their participation as speakers in the annual sessions ‘I feel too’. Along the same lines, they have been pioneers in addressing other sensitive aspects in this group, such as grief in people with disabilities.

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In recent years, the entity has developed the project RSCAP, Social Responsibility of Capacities, in a nod to the initials of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of companies. “The objective of this program is the social and labor inclusion of the users of the San José Occupational Day Center through collaboration agreements with companies, in order to participate actively in the production phase of these companies, promoting in a practical way the awareness, visibility, normalization and, therefore, the social transformation both in the labor market and in society as a whole”. All this affects cohesion, relationships, job satisfaction, teamwork and productivity.

From running a poultry farm, gardening and orchards; to the careful production of tapestries on looms, the assembly of pieces or the packaging of gloves, the works carried out by the users of the Foundation are an example of integration and professional work.

Its intervention programs go through autonomy and personal care, improvement in physical and health conditions, cognitive and communication skills, household and daily living skills and the promotion of social skills and of stake in the community.

A walk through its facilities shows in a crystalline way the human quality of the users and professionals that make up this community. “It is important that society change its perception of many things. We must make society aware that we are essential for many people. It would be important for special education centers to have a degree”, emphasizes Blasco.

In addition to belonging to the Federations of the sector, the entity makes agreements and collaborations with universities, SMEs and companies to continue adding projects and resources and to be able to continue serving the nearly 190 families they serve.


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