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    Lifestyle5 moisturizing body lotions at a good price that will make your skin more elastic

    5 moisturizing body lotions at a good price that will make your skin more elastic

    When skin dries out, it loses its natural barrier and, in addition to appearing flaky and dull, it can suffer from problems such as dermatitis or psoriasis.

    In addition to very moisturizing creams, you should look for products that relieve the itching sensation and do not cause allergies.

    These creams that we have selected have no fragrance and are quickly absorbed. Thus, you will only have a sensation of freshness and you will be able to continue using your favorite perfume, without mixing strange smells.

    are the creams Most recommended by dermatologists. These body moisturizers can be used all year round and by all members of the family: from the elderly to children, including pregnant women.

    1. La Roche Posay
    2. Cerave
    3. Eucerin
    4. nivea
    5. Dexeryl

    La Roche Posay

    La Roche Posay

    La Roche Posay

    It is one of those preferred by dermatologists, especially if you have the dry and dehydrated skin. You can use it for children, especially if they have atopic dermatitis.

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    In these cases, combat annoying itching. In addition, its hydration is maximum, thanks to the shea butter.

    It is not a sticky product. It absorbs very well. In addition, it includes niacinamide, a compound that helps restore the skin barrier.




    As they say, it is the leading product in Spain among Primary Care physicians. They will recommend it to you if you have sensitive or atopic skin, as it repairs the skin barrier.

    Contains 3 essential ceramides, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, components that provide a long-lasting hydration Not only when you apply it.

    Pregnant women can use it with complete confidence since it does not contain perfumes. You can also give it to your face, because does not clog pores.

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    They assure that it is enriched with dexpanthenol 5%so it calms the skin immediately.

    Its formula is super moisturizing, even for the driest skin. Contains glycerin, a humectant that helps retain water in the skin. Try it after a shower with slightly damp skin and you will see its effects.

    It has no smell or color is absorbed immediately and boasts a boat made in a very ecological way.




    The famous Nivea blue can It continues to be a basic of our toiletry bags. Something will have to decade after decade (it went on the market a century ago) continues to be one of our best-selling moisturizers.

    You already know its creamy texture, ideal for cracked heels or elbows. It is a multi-purpose cream suitable for all skin types and ages, including pregnant women.

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    In addition, its mythical blue can does not take up space and is more practical to carry than modern cream jars. And another point in favor!: we have found an offer of pack of 4 units.




    We end with a cream “5 stars” (the highest rating among Amazon users). For psoriasis, for ichthyosis, for atopic skin, for athletes, for chafing… it is an essential moisturizer.

    It applies easily, absorbs instantly and allows your skin is hydrated 24 hours of the day

    Besides, calms itching and itching. It can be used with babies. It comes in a 500 ml bottle and in a pack of 3 units: you will have cream for the whole winter.


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