Lifestyle5 getaways and trips for Easter that are a real bargain

5 getaways and trips for Easter that are a real bargain

5 getaways and trips for Easter that are a real bargain

As Easter is getting closer and closer, there is no doubt that you can consider doing some other getaways or trips with whoever you feel like most.

The truth is that there are some trips that are truly attractive and can be spectacular, without breaking the bank, of course.

You will be able to travel to Lisbon, Tenerife, the Costa Brava and a lot of other places.

But not only that, but there are also cruises that you can take advantage of in these days of Easter.

From Business Insider We are going to leave you a list with some of those great trips from both and LogiTravel, two of the best travel websites out there right now.

Last Minute Trips

In LastMinute we can find really spectacular trips for this Easter to a good number of really attractive places.

It is the right time to decide on one of them and get that perfect getaway and thus take advantage of the fact that we have a vacation, short, yes, but vacations, after all.

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Flight + Hotel)

Santa Cruz of Tenerife

you can get 3 nights for two adults and a room at the Hotel in the HC Hotel Magec 4 stars for a very good price for this Holy Week. In addition, you will also have the plane ticketsleaving from Madrid and all this for a price from 448 euros per person.

The regimen is bed and breakfast in a Hotel with WiFi, outdoor pool, bar, restaurant, air conditioning and terrace and lounge on the roof.

HC Hotel Magec Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Lloret del Mar (Hotel)

Lloret de MarLloret de Mar

Gran Hotel Flamingo 4 stars for 2 adults on a Bed and breakfast (one night) from only 56 euros per person. You can also take advantage of Half pension and pay only 88 euros per person.

The hotel has WiFi, outdoor pool, bar, restaurant, gym and air conditioning.

Gran Hotel Flamingo – Lloret del Mar

Lisbon (Flight + Hotel)

Lisbon PortugalLisbon Portugal

Vip Executive Entrecampos 4 stars for 2 adults and 3 nights per 443 euros per person on a lodging basis. The bed and breakfast option gets you up to 466 euros per person. These prices also include the plane departing from Madrid.

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This hotel is located in the center of the city, near the financial area and the universities, offering customers WiFi, flat screen TV, soundproof rooms, outdoor pool, bar, restaurant, gym, closed and guarded parking, as well as air conditioning.

Lisbon (Hotel + Flight)

Trips on LogiTravel

Another of the best websites that you can take advantage of to find great trips is LogiTravel.

This Easter you can trust Logitravel to find great prices and spectacular hotels.


Route from Milan to Verona

Verona, ItalyVerona, Italy

On this route you will find nature, art and gastronomy in a great experience in your life.

Is a six day route what includes:

  • Round trip flight.
  • Stay at the selected hotel in Milan.
  • Selected scheme in Milan.
  • Stay at the selected hotel in Como.
  • Regime selected in Como.
  • Stay at the selected hotel in Brescia.
  • Regime selected in Brescia.
  • Stay at the selected hotel in Verona.
  • Selected regime in Verona.
  • Rental car.
  • Travel insurance.
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The price for two people departing from Barcelona is only 444 euros per person.

Highly recommended to take advantage of a few days off.

Route from Milan to Verona

Iconic Aegean Cruise

Mykonos, GreeceMykonos, Greece

At Easter you can also get a cruise aboard the Celestyal Olympia whose price is from 230 euros per person and whose itinerary is as follows: Departure from the port of Lavrio (Greece), visiting Mykonos (Greece), Kusadasi (Turkey), Patmos (Greece), Rhodes (Greece), Heraklion (Crete), Santorini (Greece) and landing in the port of Lavrio (Greece).

Is for two people and includes, part of the visits, swimming pools, gyms, jacuzzis, activities and events on board, shops, gym, spa, hairdressing salon, nightclub, casino and Drinks are included during meal service hours.

Iconic Aegean Cruise

How could you see there are very interesting trips and getaways for Easter,

Both Logitravel and LastMinute offer incredible trips at a great price.


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